Looking forward to Young’s Family Fun Duck Day in 2021 ! 

Young’s Family Fun Duck Day

February 2020

Our Family Fun Duck Day is a much loved yearly event for the whole family, with lots of entertainment and kids’ and family swimming races throughout the day. Unfortunately, the decision has been made to cancel February 2020 Duck Day, as the Young Aquatic Centre is in the middle of a much-needed upgrade. We hope to back back with just as much family fun again in 2021! Stay tuned!


For Kids

TODDLER POOL 0-4 years

Lucky Duck Grab
Kick board & Duck Race
Duck & Nest Race

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Lucky Duck Grab
Duck & Spoon race
Fly Swat Race

OLYMPIC POOL Over 8 years

Lucky Duck Grab
Duck & Spoon race
Kickboard race

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Olympic Pool

1st Race: 11:30pm – Across pool
Pepe’s Ducks Noodle Nest Race  
4 person team event- Each team has to collect a mummy duck and three eggs (one at a time) from the other side of the pool, to put in their ‘noodle nest’. 

2nd Race: 12:30pm – Across pool
NRG Fitness Family Race – 2 adults, 2 kids per team
Family noodle chair race. Mum and Dad (2 adults) pull/swim across with child in chair, child collects one duck, return to first side, swap children, next child taken across by parents, collect duck etc- need to pick up mummy duck and 3 baby ducks.

3rd Race: 1:30pm – Across pool
Donges SUPA IGA Dress Up Duck Race 
4 person team event- 4 items- swim across grab item, wear & swim back pass on to next person, they swim across get next piece of gear etc till last person wears all the gear- don’t forget to take your duck with you each time!

4th Race –2:30pm – Across pool
Georgina Josephine Foundation Cup
Entry cost: $5 per duck. Ducks held in place by noodles. On go the audience will help propel ducks to other side by sitting along one side and kicking legs in the water.


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