Our Board

Peter Cockburn

Co-Founder and Vice Chair, Peter is the father of Georgina. Peter is a builder who has been in the construction industry for 20 years. As the driver of the vehicle that ran over his daughter, he fully understands the effect these incidents have on everyone involved, and why it is so important to prevent them from happening to others. 

Joanne Garlick

Chairperson Joanne is the aunt of Georgina.  Joanne has a 20 year career in nursing management and marketing.  Joanne holds a Bachelor of Health Science and a Masters in Management, supported by extensive experience in the not-for-profit setting.  Joanne is fully committed to help realise the dreams and goals of the Foundation.

Tracey Laybutt

 Treasurer  With over 20 years experience as an accountant, Tracey has held Finance, Administration and ITC executive positions in the not-for-profit disability sector since 2008. Tracey is dedicated to seeing the foundation realise its strategic objectives, including the expansion of its community education and family support programs.

James Sheehan

Secretary  James has worked as an Accountant with Tester Porter Services since 2008 and graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2013. James joined the committee of Georgina Josephine Foundation in 2015 to bring his experience in executive positions with other community organisations to the table. James is committed to seeing the increased awareness of Driveway and Garage safety and education, as well as being a part of the Foundation’s growth.

Caitlin Sheehan

Caitlin brings to the board corporate governance experience in roles of Secretary and Chairperson in previous committees. Caitlin works at a local radio station and provides consultation on reach and value that the Foundation receives when utilising the radio as part of advertising campaigns. Caitlin joined the Foundation’s Board in 2020 and is passionate in delivering the LSVRO prevention message to all families around Australia.

Craig Pratt

Craig is a specialist criminal lawyer in Brisbane with extensive experience in motor vehicle and coronial matters including matters involving LSVRO accidents.  He previously worked for 10 years as a primary school teacher. Craig joined the Foundation in 2019 and is committed to supporting and furthering the organisation’s mission and goals.

Phyabae Leong