Around the home

Consider physical barriers between wherever vehicles are, and where children are around your home:

 Back and front yard:

  • Is the play area separate from where vehicles are?
  • Can the driveway be fenced, with pool-style fencing, and self-closing, latching gates?
  • When reversing (or moving forward) out of the driveway, can the footpath and pedestrian area between your property and the road be easily seen (eg no high solid fencing or plants blocking the view)?

In the home:

  • Is the garage easily accessible to toddlers and infants?
  • Does the door between the house and garage have: > a heavier, inward-swinging, solid-core door (so that it will swing shut properly, and children cannot push the door open into the garage)? > a door handle at a minimum height of 1500mm (so toddlers cannot reach)? > a self-closer? These things can help to create a physical barrier between the area where children play, and where the car is.

Automatic garage roller door cut-off switch

A cut-off switch for the automatic garage roller door prevents vehicles going in or out of the garage while someone is leaving or entering through the access door into the house.. A device is fitted to the roller door motor, and the internal access door is fitted with a magnetic field device. When the internal door is opened, the power to the roller door motor is cut off, and it will not open. For more further technical advice on how a cut-off switch can be easily achieved in your home please call Colin Gilchrist at Young Safes and Locks on 02 6382 7073 or mobile 0438 590 581 or send him an email at

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