Our Story

GeorginaIn April 2011, Peter and Emma Cockburn tragically lost their baby daughter Georgina, at 15 months old. Peter, a builder, came home from work and was reversing his builders trailer into the garage of the family home when tragedy struck. Their life as they knew it, was changed forever.

“We want people to be inspired to change, not to think we are brave.” Peter Cockburn “We can’t improve the situation for us, but we can try to make it better for other people.”

Since the loss of Georgy, the family set up the Georgina Josephine Foundation and are aiming to develop a support network and support services for families affected by LSVR.

They are also working to bring attention to the frequency of these types of accidents, referred to as Low Speed Vehicle Run Overs, and prevention strategies to help reduce the risk of these tragic accidents.


The Aim of the Georgina Josephine Foundation

The aim of GJF is to develop support services for families affected by low-speed vehicle runover accidents, and to prevent and reduce unintentional injury or death of children and adults in such “incidents”.

The Foundation believes low-speed vehicle runover accidents are preventable, with research showing awareness and education, and changes to the environment and vehicles are key.

The Foundation will:

  • Facilitate a support program for families affected by Low-speed Vehicle Runover accidents.
  • Facilitate and implement education campaigns to increase the awareness of Low Speed Run-over accidents, and prevention measures.
  • Participate in decision making processes for intervention strategies related to such accidents. This includes data collection; environment design; car design; and awareness & education.

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The Story behind our Logo

Georgina’s two favourite songs were, “Five Little Ducks” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, so ducks and stars are very special to the Cockburn family. Emma’s mother died when she was 5 years old, and a treasured item is a drawing by her mother of a mother duck and her duckling.

This picture is the logo for the Foundation, relating to adults in particular being responsible for the safety of those around them, especially children.”