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The number of children killed in driveway accidents in Australia each year is similar to backyard pool drownings.

Initially after Georgy’s accident, the family focused on researching strategies, and creating awareness of driveway dangers to try and prevent other families from experiencing the same tragedy.

In their research they found the key awareness & education areas that need to be addressed include:

  • Physical environment: look carefully at housing and driveway design, separate living spaces and play areas of houses and yards from driveways and garages;
  • Vehicle design: create awareness about rear visibility in vehicles, the usefulness of rear vision cameras and autonomous reverse braking, and work towards having this technology as standard features in all vehicles; and
  • Education: raising awareness of Low-Speed Run-Over accidents and prevention measures, including driveway safety campaigns in line with Kidsafe’s campaign ‘Supervise, Separate, See’, as well as accurate recording of off-road accident statistics.

In addition the Georgina Josephine Foundation aims to provide a support network and support services for families affected by Low-speed Vehicle Runover Accidents. This is an area that is continuing to be developed. If you know someone who would be interested or may benefit from this please contact us.

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