The number of children killed in driveway accidents in Australia each year is similar to backyard pool drownings.

Help us reduce that number.

Canberra Baby & Beyond Expo

Come down and see us at the Canberra Baby and Beyond Expo- Saturday and Sunday September 8th and 9th of August!

Join us at the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo at Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne this year!

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Young’s Family Fun Duck Day


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Georgina Cockburn was just like any other curious 15-month-old until she was accidentally run over and killed as a result of the injuries she sustained in her own garage. Read our story here.

The Georgina Josephine Foundation provides a support network for families affected by low-speed vehicle runover accidents, and works to prevent and reduce unintentional injury or death of children in such accidents through awareness and practical measures.

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We are a Registered Charity.



We are proud to announce the Georgina Josephine Foundation has been selected
as the 2017 Financial Year charity partner for Downer’s Road Services business.

The Redzone vehicle arrived in Young in September 2016, proudly sponsored by Downer Roads and Infrastructure Services.

Did you know…  you can place 75 Year 1 and 2 students behind a car, and the driver can’t see any of them??!!